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Filing Options

Filing Options:

                                              Free Electronic Filing!
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                                                      Direct Deposit
                                                         Visa Card

   Considering the complexity and constant changes in our income tax laws, and the ever-increasing demands on your personal time, it just makes sense to allow A Tax Haven to serve all of your tax needs.

 Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing is safe and secure. It alerts you to simple problems with the return before it is ever accepted by the IRS and allows you to know when the IRS has actually accepted your return as filed. It prevents entry errors by the IRS inputting a mailed return and it ensures faster refunds.

Refund Options

Direct Deposit is a safe and fast option for receiving your refund. The refund is deposited directly into your savings or checking account. This prevents lost or stolen checks in the mail.  This method can be used with paying your fees up front or with having your fees withheld from your refund.
Check- You may also choose to receive a check in the mail from the IRS or state agency when your fees are paid up front. When your fees are withheld from your refund, you may choose to pick up a check that will be printed at our office.
Visa Card Another option, when having your fees withheld from your refund, is to take a Visa Card with you after having your taxes prepared, and we will load that card with your refund as soon as it is available.

         It’s your money and your choice.

A Tax Haven’s goal is to help you keep your hard-earned money in your own pocket!


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